Tenant Occupied Renovations

TenantOccupiedRenovationsTenant Occupied Renovations

For most owners, maximizing rental income is the primary objective for their property. But in many cases the capital expenditure required to renovate an entire building in order to receive top rental rates is not economically feasible. Wheelhouse Construction has worked with many owners who have opted to do unit-by-unit renovations as apartments become vacant. Executing a unit-by-unit renovation strategy is difficult and must be planned and managed correctly. Fortunately, Wheelhouse Construction has performed many such renovations; whether it is a single unit, a few units at a time, or a combination of units and common area upgrades, we can quickly provide you with a scope of work, cost breakdown, and ROI analysis of your project. Knowing that time is money, we can deploy quickly to minimize downtime and income loss.

Our process analyzes the unit availability at your property, prepares the scope of work and proposal prior to move-out, and schedules the renovation to start immediately upon vacancy. The result is a quick, cost-effective turnaround with minimal downtime and income loss.

We will systematically renovate every aspect of your property per a pre-determined scope, which includes individual units, interior and exterior building improvements, common areas, landscaping and parking. We offer you a thoughtful, creative and valuable solution that will increase rents and the value of your asset.

Exterior Improvements

RenovateDenverApartments-ExteriorThe exterior of a building, or its curb appeal, is critical to attracting new residents who are willing to pay more rent. Remodeling or renovating the exterior of your property will increase the appeal to future residents. Wheelhouse Construction provides high quality exterior commercial remodeling services to ensure that your building remains up to date and continues to thrive. Our team of construction professionals will work with you to create a whole new look that stands out, from small improvements to a complete building facelift.

By incorporating modern building styles such as brick melt (designer acrylic building wrap), glass balcony railings, and state of the art mechanical systems we can transform your building into the luxury apartments that are now so sought after. Exterior renovations including new stucco siding, stamped concrete, custom-designed patio railings, designer building signage, parking lot repaving and striping, and courtyards with landscaping can significantly improve the look and feel of your building. Accents and amenities can be added to further enhance your property such as decorative pergolas, community seating, and pools and barbecue grills. Every aspect of your building’s exterior can be updated to make your property uniquely attractive.

DenverLandscapingCompanyLandscaping Services

Our landscaping services include landscaping design and construction, tree pruning and tree removal; stump grinding, and installation of irrigation and sprinkler systems.

We will also assist in designing landscapes using that utilize Xeriscaping (zero-scaping or xeroscaping) which helps reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation. We can improve a building exterior by incorporating rocks, shrubs and trees in a creative layout to achieve aesthetically pleasing courtyards, outdoor common areas and entrances.

Interior Remodeling

Interior remodeling may include:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Lighting & Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Painting

InteroirApartmentRemodelThese improvements can be made to not only improve the atmosphere and marketability of the units and common areas but to improve energy efficiency and durability of the units thereby reducing expenses and increasing the NOI of a property. Keeping the inside of your building looking clean, modern and well maintained will ultimately increase the NOI of your asset by attracting new residents that will be proud of their home and want to stay in the building for years to come.

Wheelhouse for All of Your Building Improvement Needs…

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, combined with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, property management services, and multifamily ownership ensures that we can tailor services to fit your specific needs.

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