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These days, living space is a hot commodity, and as the owner of an apartment building, condo, or another type of multifamily property, you may be looking for ways to maximize every square inch of space your property has. Increasingly, owners of multifamily properties are opting for washer-dryer combo units, which clean and dry residents’ clothes using one single, space-saving machine.

A washer-dryer combo serves as both a front-loading washing machine and a dryer, and it offers the same or more high-tech features than traditional washers and dryers, including smart sensors, steam settings, and the ability to connect to WiFi. These modern, high-performance appliances offer benefits not only for you, the property owner but for your tenants, too.

Washer-Dryer Combo Benefits for Property Owners

Washer-dryer combo units offer the following benefits for property owners.

Enhanced water and energy efficiency

Most washer-dryer combos have modern designs that exceed energy efficiency and water use standards. In general, front-loading washers utilize water more effectively than top-loading models. However, washer-dryer combos also use less energy than traditional dryers, and many require lower-voltage outlets as a result.

Design flexibility

When you opt for a washer-dryer combo unit, you also have options in terms of where to put it. Unlike traditional dryers, most washer-dryer combos do not require vents. This means you have the option of placing them just about anywhere you have access to water and electricity. These units are often portable, too, and have casters available so that you can move them around with ease.

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Increased rent potential

Many residents are willing to pay significantly more for units where they can do their own laundry, so washer-dryer combos create a key marketing advantage for multifamily property owners. With these combo units in place, you can charge more in rent per residential space, making washer-dryer combo units a compelling value proposition in terms of ROI and payback period.

Washer-Dryer Combo Benefits for Tenants

Washer-dryer combo units offer the following benefits for residents.

More space

Most people in search of an apartment home want to get as much bang for their buck when it comes to space, and a washer-dryer combo gives you a great way to free up more usable space versus a traditional side-by-side or stackable washer and dryer. Because of how compact many washer-dryer combo models are, you may be able to tuck them under countertops or in other non-visible areas.


Washer-dryer combos also serve as a selling point for busy tenants looking to save time on household chores. Rather than stick around until the wash cycle ends so that they can toss their soaked clothes into a dryer, residents with washer-dryer combos in their units can “set it and forget it,” so to speak, saving valuable time out of their days.

Enhanced safety

In-unit washer-dryer combos also appeal to residents who may not feel safe or comfortable doing laundry in a communal area, or who might fear having their items stolen if they leave the area during the washing or drying process. In-unit washer-dryer combos also appeal to parents of young children and tenants who work from home and might want to multitask throughout the day or throw in a load of laundry on their lunch breaks.

Convenient, compact and efficient, washer-dryer combo units have fast become the laundry appliance of choice in multifamily properties. While they improve quality of life for residents, they also deliver a notable return-on-investment for property owners.

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