Maximize Multi-Family Studio Unit Renovations

Multi-family Studio Apartment

Living in a small space requires making smart use of it, and certain space-saving elements and features have the potential to make even the smallest studio apartments more manageable, livable and enjoyable.  The more you do to maximize space in the studio apartments you have for rent, the better your chances are of keeping those units occupied.

The following are some cost-effective, time-tested ways to create more usable space in your studios – and keep more tenants living in them long-term.

Moveable Islands

Moveable islands create extra prep space in compact kitchen areas, but renters can then roll them aside or use them for other purposes, freeing up more floor space.


From compact refrigerators to slim-fitting stoves, micro-appliances make it easier for renters to enjoy the same perks a larger kitchen space provides.

Studio Kitchen
Multi-family Unit Kitchen

All-in-One Washer/Dryers

One thing many tenants, and particularly, young tenants, refuse to compromise on nowadays is in-unit laundry capabilities. All-in-one washer-dryer combos make cleaning clothes at home a reality for renters without taking up too much of a studio’s square footage.

Murphy Beds

Renters need their shuteye, but a full-size bed can take up the better part of a studio apartment’s floor space. Murphy beds, or wall beds, fold up into the wall when not in use, making them a hot commodity among small-space dwellers.

Built-In Closet Organizers

Space-saving storage solutions are another selling point for studios, and built-in closet organizers help your tenants make the best use of the limited storage space they do have. Available with a wide variety of racks, rods and shelves, built-in closet organizers make smart use of vertical space – and a memorable impact on potential tenants.

Closet Organizer

Incorporating these space-saving elements into small living areas goes a long way in terms of making them desirable – and it also means you’ll have an easier time finding occupants to keep your studios filled.


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