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Under Construction: Resolve to Renovate in 2022!

From slimming down to saving money, many start a new year with similar goals in mind. And while a new year presents a fresh opportunity to, say, live a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s also a great time to take inventory of what’s working at your multifamily property – and identify where you might want to make a few improvements.

As 2022 ramps up, consider making the following moves when it comes to your Multifamily Property.

Shed extra weight

While many people flock to the gym during the first few months of the year, many multifamily property owners also look for ways to “trim the fat” and get rid of old appliances, cabinets or countertops that no longer resonate with renters.

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Reduce environmental impacts

Reduce your environmental impact – and your reliance on the globe’s natural resources. Swapping out old fixtures for more efficient alternatives, such as high-efficiency dishwashers, low-flow toilets and water-efficient faucets, helps save water – and it also helps you avoid flushing money away unnecessarily.

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Cut back on spending

Reeling in spending is another common New Year’s resolution, and there are many different ways to set yourself up to save in 2022. Upgrading to LED lights, swapping out old, energy-sucking appliances and switching out old outlets for new ones are all easy, affordable ways to enjoy long-term savings.

Put your best face forward

Many people hope that working out and cutting calories will help them put their best faces forward in the new year. Give your rental units a fresh facelift, too, in the form of new floors, impressive light fixtures or upgraded aesthetic elements.

These relatively minor changes can make a major difference when it comes to your occupancy and rental rates – and most of them require little more than a hammer and some sweat equity to help you start 2022 anew.


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