Why Showers Are Increasingly Replacing Bathtubs in Multifamily Properties

Housing trends come and go, and when it comes to multifamily properties, developers and owners are increasingly opting for showers, as opposed to full bathtubs. While bathtubs might be great for families with young children or that once-a-year soak most people have time for, in truth, many people use bathtubs very infrequently.

This is among the many reasons today’s homeowners are increasingly opting for showers, as opposed to bathtubs or shower-bathtub combos.

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Why Tubs Are Falling Out of Favor

A Home Design Trends survey shows that 60% of homeowners prefer to have showers in their bathrooms, as opposed to bathtubs. Why? Sometimes, preferences depend on a homeowner or renter’s age or family situation. Many childless adults express little interest in having bathtubs. Older adults may have trouble getting in and out of tubs, and curbless showers, or those that lack barriers for entering and exiting, present a safer alternative they may be able to use without assistance.

Bathtubs also use more water than stand-up showers and require higher-capacity water heaters in order to fill the entire tub full of hot water. Showers use less water and less heat, translating to water and power bill savings month after month. Filling and taking a bath also takes valuable time many Americans simply don’t have nowadays.

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Why Showers Appeal to a Broader Demographic

Showers are quicker and more convenient than baths, and they are also easier for older adults to get in and out of. They are also simple to customize for those with mobility issues.

Benches, grab bars and non-slip surfaces are just a few of the ways residents or property owners can better equip their showers for older adults or individuals with limited mobility. Many modern showers also have space for products, ledges for shaving or luxe, high-end fixtures, making them even more appealing to today’s renters or homebuyers.

While, once upon a time, most homes had bathtubs, changing lifestyles means more of today’s renters and homeowners are forgoing these once-popular bathroom fixtures in favor of showers. For more about how to upgrade multifamily properties and attract today’s tenants, contact Wheelhouse Construction.


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