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When you own a multifamily investment property, it is prudent to fix things when they break or fall into disrepair. You may also wish to have your property’s mechanical systems and related infrastructure repaired, maintained or improved to save money, make your property more desirable, or take advantage of tax incentives.

When you make repairs and improvements to your investment property, how you classify them helps determine how you deduct the related expenses on your taxes. When it comes to repairs, you may deduct the full cost of any repairs made that year when you file that year’s taxes. Things work a bit differently when it comes to making capital improvements. Rather than deduct the full cost of the improvements all at once, capital improvements are generally depreciated over time. Before making plumbing improvements to your multifamily property, here’s what to know about your options.


Rather than boost a property’s value, repairs simply address needed work to maintain the property in acceptable working condition. For example, a plumbing repair might involve unclogging a drain or fixing a garbage disposal. In many cases, the cost of labor is greater than the cost of the material being fixed or replaced.


A replacement involves changing a system or obsolete plumbing fixture for one that performs better or more efficiently. Swapping out old toilets or faucets for water-saving models is always a winning proposition in terms of conservation and cost-savings over time.


When you make an improvement to your plumbing system that boosts your property’s value or lengthens its lifespan, it counts as a capital expenditure. This means its value depreciates over time and that you may claim some of what you spend on the improvement for a number of years moving forward.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative plumbing maintenance helps ensure that your building’s pipes and plumbing systems stay functional and free from leakage over the long haul. Installing drain screens at bathtub and shower locations and proactively addressing slow drains are examples of preventative plumbing maintenance activities that help avert more expensive plumbing issues down the road.

Updating the plumbing system and features of your multifamily property can help attract residents and add significant value to your property. It also means less maintenance and additional savings.

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