• Importance Of Exterior Appearance In Multi-Family Residentials

    Exterior Apartment Renovation

Multifamily Exterior Renovations That Improve Curb Appeal

First Impressions Are Everything! Especially when it comes to multi-family properties. Since the exterior of your building is the first step in attracting a potential renter, you want the first impression of your multi-family property to give a warm feeling and a sense of home. Exterior renovations can improve the success of your investment by attracting quality renters in a saturated and extremely competitive market.

Exterior Appearance

If the outside of your building is not welcoming, people will be less likely to want to live there. Allowing your entrance to feel open and welcoming is going to significantly boost the buildings appeal to potential residents.

Here are some ideas for improving the exterior of you building.

Instead of having solid walls going into the office, install some bigger windows that allow people to see into the entrance and not feel so enclosed. Having well-maintained landscaping will also bring life and color to the experience. Many of Wheelhouse’s exterior renovations are in the Denver Metro Area which does not have a lot of options for expansive landscaping possibilities, so instead we implement eye catching construction features and natural elements into the property including ornamental trees, flowers and hardscapes

Wheelhouse Construction took this property and renovated the entrance to feel more alive and welcoming to accentuate the potential of the building and the community around it.

Exterior Visuals

When you are trying to attract potential residents, another important visual will be catchy and easy to read signage and lighting. If people can’t find your building because the sign is too small or placed poorly, it’s going to start the experience off on a bad note. Even though most people use digital media to find properties, driving by the property is something potential renter still do. Placing signage that reflects your property brand and personality is a must in this competitive market.

One more key element is making sure your property has adequate outside lighting, this will not only give the residents a better sense of safety and security, but it will highlight your property at night for potential residents. Showing off the unique features of the building will keep people engaged.

This is a recent project we completed and that shows the dramatic transformation of the exterior.

Wheelhouse Construction prides itself on creating a unique atmosphere for multi-family renovations, both inside and out.


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