Wheelhouse Construction will systematically renovate every aspect of your property per a pre-determined scope, which includes individual units, interior and exterior building improvements, common areas, landscaping and parking. We offer a thoughtful, creative and valuable solution that will increase rents and the value of your asset.

Exterior Improvements

Multifamily Building Renovation

The exterior of a building, or its curb appeal, is critical to attracting new residents who are willing to pay more rent. Remodeling or renovating the exterior of your property will increase the appeal to future residents. Wheelhouse Construction provides high quality exterior commercial remodeling services to ensure that your building remains up to date and continues to thrive.

Interior Remodeling

Apartment Kitchen Renovation

Interior improvements can be made to not only improve the atmosphere and marketability of the units and common areas but to improve energy efficiency and durability of the units. Keeping the inside of your building looking clean, modern and well maintained will ultimately increase the NOI of your asset by attracting new residents that will be proud of their home.


Exterior Space Remodel

Landscaping improves curb appeal by creating aesthetically pleasing courtyards, outdoor common areas and entrances. We manage the design and construction of the entire project ensuring a modern and clean landscape design.

Exterior Building Wraps

Exterior Building Renovation

Exterior acrylic building wraps are becoming a popular choice for buildings in trendy urban neighborhoods. High resolution photos are applied to buildings, giving it the final look of a mural painting. The outcome adds character and charm to the exterior of your property.


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Complete Building Renovation