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The Advantages of Having a Backsplash in Your Kitchen

When it comes to first impressions, few parts of the home carry more weight than the kitchen. While a dirty, dingy kitchen with visible grease or cooking splatter is sure to make potential renters or buyers look elsewhere, a well-done backsplash will help attract the right kind of attention and make a particular property stand out from the pack.

Model homes and kitchen designer portfolios almost always feature backsplashes. Why? In addition to aesthetic appeal, they’re highly functional – they protect kitchen walls against splatters and stains. Adding a backsplash to a kitchen offers these key benefits.

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Easier Cleanup

Wiping down a marble, mirror, metal or tile backsplash is much easier than trying to get food stains and grease off of a painted, textured wall. All you typically need is a sponge, damp towel or cleaning wipe to keep this part of your kitchen shining bright.

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Ease of Installation

In the big scheme of home improvement and construction projects, installing a backsplash is a simple, fast and economical endeavor.

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Increased Home Value

A well-designed kitchen backsplash helps boost the value of a home by enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making it more competitive in real estate or rental markets.

Unlike paint, backsplashes resist damage and moisture. They also come in many different materials and styles. Whether you’re after a classic, minimalist look or something contemporary and attention-commanding, there’s a backsplash to complete your kitchen – and keep it clean for years to come.


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