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Make a lasting first impression with a workplace  completely tailored to your, or your tenants business. Wheelhouse Construction can perform every aspect of your commercial tenant finish project. From design to build-out, we take a collaborative approach working closely with tenants, landlords, and investors to ensure that the vision for your commercial space is realized.

Commercial Tenant Finish and Remodeling Projects include the alteration or reconfiguration of existing commercial space. Tenant finish and remodel projects are often the result of a change in how an existing building space is being used, and/or to accommodate a new business or tenant.ComercialFinishingDenver

Wheelhouse Construction specializes in commercial tenant finishes. We take great pride in helping to ensure your office, retail, , warehouse, or flex space is designed  to your specific goals, needs and budget. We take a creative approach to help you modernize your space with a look that’s all your own.

  • Tenant Finish – design and remodeling project that incorporates unique features for specific tenant requirements.
  • Leasehold Improvements – customized alterations that a building owner makes to commercial space as part of a lease agreement in order to configure the space for the needs of that particular tenant. These include changes to walls, floors, ceilings, and lighting, among others.
  • Interior Improvements – including lobby, entryways, restrooms, kitchens, break rooms, conference rooms, and office space.
  • Commercial Remodeling – large scale projects that include updating or replacing electrical,HVAC,,and plumbing systems. We can also make structural reinforcements, reconfigure entire spaces, replace roofing, and do complete exterior makeovers. elementsCommercial Construction – new construction, ground-up construction, landscaping and maintenance.

DenverCommercialFinishingThe professionals at Wheelhouse construction are deadline oriented and will manage and perform all the labor necessary to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Our quality workmanship and expertise guarantees a smooth transition, from planning and design, to construction and all the final details.

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